Leadership Equipping Workshops

Every participant in a Leadership PowerLab workshop, Bootcamp, or Lunch & Learn are active participants in highly introspective educational experiences. Each session revolves around the Recalibrate Cards Experience: a personal values sorting/prioritizing exercise that creates the leverage for individual growth and change. 

Recalibrate Workshop 


  • Self-Awareness/Self-Understanding
  • Understanding of how others are motivated
  • New road maps to becoming influential with everyone
  • Renewed confidence in your ability to lead your team effectively 

Leadership PowerLabs
$2500 | Half Day

Leadership BootCamps
$1,000 | Half Day

Lunch & Learns
$500 | 45-90 mins
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                             What are People saying about Tom Schulte and the Recalibrate Offering?

Bonnie Hagemann, CEO and President, Executive Development Associates

“Tom Schulte has been an absolute pleasure to work with. He is smart, strategic, and helpful and has a quirky sense of humor that keeps our office laughing. It is our goal to stay connected with Tom wherever he goes.”

Jim Trunick, Sr. Director, Corporate Training and Development, Allergan, Inc.

“I have worked with Tom for years and he is committed to leadership development. We at Allergan utilize his Recalibrate Cards to further educate sales and management teams around values. The heart of leadership lies in values understanding and application on a daily basis. These Recalibrate Cards stimulate discussion, learning and values-development to improve customer and employee relationships for greater results."

Shelley Davis, VP Existing Industry Greater Hall Chamber of Commerce

"I was fortunate to participate in a Recalibrate PowerLab program at Chateau Élan last year. One reason I liked it so much was that we’ve all been through personality/leadership courses that usually take days and yours was limited to hours and still got results.  Bravo for figuring that one out! I enjoyed the Recalibrate program immensely and I think many HR Professionals would also find it a good use of time and possibly take it back to their leadership.”

Christine Caudill, Internet Operations & Strategy at AT&T Advertising & Publishing

“Tom's unique approach to motivating teams is refreshing and different. He listens to his audience and subsequently reveals many light bulb moments that can be used after the session in both one's personal and professional life. He has a masterful understanding of human nature and how to garner its natural energy and tendencies into forming a highly motivated team. His approach also provides leaders with renewed confidence in their abilities to lead their teams to success.”

Matt McNabb, Ph.D., Professional Development Consultant, University of Southern California

“Tom is energetic, positive, creative, easy to work with, friendly and knowledgeable. He has exceeded all of my expectations when it comes to assisting me and our team's ability to deliver Leadership and Teambuilding workshops. He anticipates my needs and provides them without my asking. His personal integrity is key and he has never failed to deliver on a promise.”

David Vittoria, Founder & Chief Inspiration Officer, Ascendi

“Tom is a knowledgeable, passionate, straightforward, and creative leader with backbone and heart. He is organized and he is an exceptional communicator. I have enjoyed the privilege of working with Tom through L2L (his wonderful leadership "collaboratory"), and I look forward to staying connected with Tom for many years to come.” 

David Mann, President / CEO at Strong Rock Christian School

“As President and CEO of Strong Rock Christian School, Tom Schulte has my highest recommendations for outstanding service, motivation, and leadership training. His seminars promote personal and professional growth and engage focused instruction while encouraging positive interaction and performance.”

Amy Tyler, Region Sales Director, Eisai Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"Tom inspires leadership through values-based principles. He uses creativity to engage his audience and makes his sessions very interactive. His visuals and examples encourage practical application and implementation. I would highly recommend his high-impact program to any group desiring a boost in leadership skills."

Emily Osburne, Author of Everyday Experts in Leadership

"Tom Schulte's Workshop is an interactive experience that you will not forget!  His relaxed style puts audience members at ease and encourages authentic conversation. I love the fact that everything is interactive.  People remember what they learn when they experience it. All in all, it was a great experience because time went by quickly.  No one was looking at their watches, like they normally are in training sessions.  Good work!  That is the beauty of your interactive learning! I would tell people to 'Recalibrate your organization today by discovering your deepest values.'" 

Liz Jones, Regional Director for Information Technology, Goodrich Corporation

“We brought in 35 managers from Europe and around the US at considerable expense for the leadership training. Tom Schulte was very good at tailoring the program to our specific needs and the participants really enjoyed the training.  He adapted his exercises and the agenda very well. Most was not "sit and listen", but rather interactive. Tom was very personable and professional. He also has good presence and instructional ability.  He relates well to all types of people.  We even included him in our other teambuilding activity, which was a cooking event, and he blended well with our group.”

Ken Anderson, President, The Maximum Impact Group

 "Character traits I value most are trust, respect and authenticity. Tom not only exhibits these character traits in his professional life, they define who he is. Tom's wit, creativity, charisma, passion and humility enable him to connect with his clients in a way that they not only want to do business with him, they want an on-going relationship with him for what he has to offer them long term. Tom's value goes beyond his professional offerings...they extend into helping you become a better person. That is why I value Tom so much and why he comes with my highest recommendation."

Laurie Calzada, Owner, Sharp Approach, Inc.

"Tom is truly a class act! Always willing to help, and he truly has passion for what he does. He excels in all that he does, and takes wonderful care of his clients. Excellence and perseverance are words that best describe his drive, ambition and motivation."


Ryan Wall, VP - Associate Development, Freight Handlers Inc.

“Tom Schulte stands on a platform that allows him to add value to the lives of our corporate world and society. Tom's products and developmental focus is enhanced greatly by his passion for mankind. He understands that development is the key ingredient to organizational growth and sustained significance. Not only does he understand it - He delivers it!!”

Order: 770-490-5289

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