At Recalibrate Professional Development, everything we do works to get people to understand:
  • who they are as a leader
  • where they are on their personal leadership journey
  • how to significantly improve their level of personal leadership effectiveness.
Workshops. From short-format Leadership Lunch & Learns to Management Breakout Sessions to Executive Retreats, we provide the tools and a process to equip each professional to achieve greater influence with the people they lead.
Speaker. Have founder and values-based Leadership Expert Tom Schulte come enliven your event with a rousing interactive presentation speech.
Executive Coaching. Are you ready for the truth packaged in a way that works with your values and priorities? Come get recalibrated with Skype coaching.
Everything we do is guaranteed or it's free. 
That's just who we are.

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"The true measure of leadership is influence-nothing morenothing less."
                                           ~Dr. John C. Maxwell

The daily demands of managing things and leading people can take its toll on anyone. 

Many leaders simply harden their hearts to protect themselves from caustic environments or workplace overload. 


They become Knuckleheartedā„¢ Leaders.

  • So how do you get back to a place of real influence?
  • How do you lead others most effectively?
  • How do you get people to give discretionary efforts to your initiatives?
What's the Cure?

You recalibrate yourself, your team, and your communications.

Come recalibrate your mindset, behaviors and results with a Leadership PowerLab, a keynote speech or breakout session, personalized coaching, or with the Recalibrate Cards Experience.

Order: 770-490-5289

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