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Skype Coaching for Leadership, Teamwork, Professional & Personal Growth

“Tom Schulte is an amazing man. He sees opportunities where others see problems and he approaches each and every work situation as a study in true partnership. He is a died-in-the-wool leader with years of practice and coaching experience. He has developed world-class leadership training products and continues to rub elbows with the best and brightest leadership thought leaders on a daily basis. 

I unreservedly recommend Tom Schulte under any and all circumstances.” 

Darin R. Molnar, PhD


  • Get More Done Through Other People
  • Improve your level of Personal Leadership Effectiveness
  • Utilize the Top Motivators for Everyone Around You
  • Get Recognition for Effective Leadership
  • Stop Infighting, Politics, and Feet-Dragging
  • Create Independent "Intraprenuers"
  • Turn Difficult Conversations with others into Solution Sessions
Business Development
  • Become the Creative Business Development Person
  • Explore New Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • Create Social Networking Strategies.
Personal Development
  • Achieve Personal & Professional Goals
  • Learning How Rest, Forgiveness, and Humilty make you Stronger
  • Practice "Flexpectations": Balance Reality with Expectations
  • Become an Effective Blogger

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    Do you Skype? Skype is video calls from your computer to mine...just like they promised! Welcome to the Future!

    Simply download your free version of Skype at www.skype.com. It is absolutley easy and quite fun to use. Phone coaching is also available.

    Use your webcam and microphone to have face-to-face phone calls that are personal and professional. Skyping is more personal, engaging, and relevant that simply talking on the phone. When you Skype, you are feeling like you are in my office, and I am feeling like I am in yours, yet we are both in the comfort of our own office. Equal comfort for everyone!

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    Welcome to tommyland...

    Buckle up your seatbelt. We're about to go for a ride that will recalibrate your personal and professional growth!

    Recalibrate founder Tom Schulte's perspective and advice is straight forward, practical, meaningful, and always a lot of fun.

    Stressed? Out of luck? Lacking Creative Solutions? It's time to recalibrate your life. 

    See what people say about Tom.

    Need help with:

    • Leadership
    • Work/Life Balance
    • Managing Unrealistic Expectations
    • Living Your Faith in the Workplace
    • Personal Relationships 
    • Generating Creativity & Solutions
    • Sales & Marketing

    This right-brained/left brained thinker can help you succeed with confidence again and help design solutions that fit your values.

    • Solution-minded conversations
    • A backbone of empathy and understanding
    • Practical advice
    • Two Ears: Two Eyes: One Mouth
    • Fun, lighthearted, and motivational
    • Plenty of References
    • Flexible and available
    • Resonably priced
    • No contracts

    $60 | Half Hour

    $100 | One Hour

    To Order: 770-490-5289

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