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Passion for Values-Based Leadership ::  Awakening Your Personal Leadership Effectiveness

Recalibrate Professional Development was created in June 2007 to help individuals and organizations achieve powerful results by training leaders to get better results through better working relationships with their followers.

               Values drive Decisions :: Decisions drive Behaviors :: Behaviors drive Results

After as Director of Corporate Sales for New York Times best selling author and international speakerDr. John C. Maxwell, founder Tom Schulte found his passion for serving and equipping others in values-based leadership training. He took his passion for sales and marketing and his 25 year experience in the field to help others achieve their goals and started the firm dedicated to learning, growing, and building other leaders.

Noting that the training world was shifting with advances in technology and a rapidly changing workplace environment, Tom set out to create dynamic training that fit a new mold. He created “Leadership Training fit for the Blackberry-Attention-Span with his short-format, high-impact Leadership PowerLabs.

Using his content development experience and his attention to detail, an extremely powerful and effective program quickly grew. With clients like AT&T, Allergan, Goodrich, NASA and many other Fortune 500 and government clients, the Leadership PowerLab experience impacts people on a personal level and equips them to engage in new behaviors immediately.

Recalibrate now offers a Signature Training Program to equip other trainers with the Recalibrate Cards Experience. This values sorting/prioritization exercise is at the core of theLeadership PowerLab and the Transformational Leadership Bootcamp. It also is the driving heartbeat for speaking engagements and executive coaching.

Recalibrate is also behind the Learn&Grow.tv learning platform. This online and on-demand website offers trainers from around the globe a place to convert their existing content into short-format, bite-sized samples called Micro-Training. Learners from around the globe get to sample training content that otherwise would not be available to them and get to use that content for personal, professional, performance and community gain.

Founder Tom Schulte is also the Executive Director of Linked 2 Leadership Group on LinkedIn®. With over 27,000 members and a thriving blog called The Leadership Collaboratory, the group helps people learn, grow, and develop other leaders in the social networking space.  

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